Concentration Test

Concentration Test

This page is designed to test your concentration. But before starting the test, you need to know what it is all about. Concentration or "attentional control" refers to people's ability to choose what they pay attention to or ignore. Put it simply like this, concentration can be described as an individual's ability to focus. Primarily mediated by the frontal areas of the brain (anterior cingulate cortex). Conentration is thought to be closely associated with other executive functions such as working memory. Here are some of the qualities that highly focused people have:

  1. Problem solving: concentration leads to a careful assessment of a problem and eventually results in a proper solution.
  2. Mental flexibility: viewing things from several different perspectives
  3. Planning: being able to concentrate leads to organized thoughts and better planning.
  4. Working memory: tasks requiring active monitoring or manipulation of information or behaviors.
  5. Monitoring of actions: attention to details leads to careful examinations of actions.
  6. Verbal reasoning: people with executive functions tend to be more eloquent and articulate.

Attention Test

  • How to play: Find and click on the square where the number and letter meet. For example if it says FIND: e4, you will need to click on the square which connects the "e" row, with the "4" row.
  • Challenge: Can you find all squares in less than one minute?
  • Challenge a friend to perform better than you!


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Concentration Test

Did you know?

Concentration is very important in cognitive development during early childhood, since it is thought to influence the subsequent acquisition of other skills in other areas. The ability to regulate and direct attention releases the child from the constraints of only responding to environmental events, which eventually means they are able to actively guide their attention towards the information-rich areas key for learning. For example, a number of researchers have looked at the relationship between a child's ability to concentrate and their subsequent performance during language acquisition. You can also take our Reflex Test.

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