Memory Training

Memory Training

Here we will provide some tests and information about training your memory. We believe that with exercise and knowledge you can enhance your memory or at least use it intelligently. It's suggested that a memory workout has an effect on the brain similar to the effect of a physical excercise on the body. The harder you make it work the stronger it gets. Just like muscles becoming stronger by creating new fibers due to heavy lifting, the brain creates new synapses and cells to adapt to the new activity (memory training). Below is a game which will stimulate your memory and provide some fun as well.

Memory Game

  • How to play: Simply click "start", wait for a pattern to be displayed, then click on the squares.
  • Challenge: Can you reach level 20?
  • Challenge a friend to perform better than you!

Memory Training Tips

These are some tips to help you train your memory. Applying these techniques regularly would be ideal, because practice makes perfect!

  • Learn a new language: this task requires memorizing many new words daily, which is exactly what your brain needs.
  • Meditation: Stress damages your brain cells and incrases amnesia. Chase it away with 15 min daily meditation.
  • Be creative: Escaping the routine of doing things the same way every day makes your brain discover new routes to doing things which in return will force your memory to stay active by storing these new activities.
  • Relax: Taking time off to relax your mind and body is very essential to help you recharge your energy.
  • Stay active: An active body helps provide a healthy circulation to the brain and eventually contributes to a good memory.
  • Memory Mnemonics: Learn different techniques of Memory Techniques.
  • More tips: If you haven't read our article about Memory Tips, you should!
Memory Training

Why do I have a bad memory?

In many instances it's not that you have a bad memory. The problem is that many of us do not store information properly. Imagine you have a filing cabinet. If you do not categorize your files proplerly, you will have a hard time finding the file you need later on. The same goes with our memory, if we do not store a certain information the right way (name, word, phone number ...) by using the right techniques such as visualizing it or by using different mnemonic tips, it will be hard for us to retrieve (remember) that information later.

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