Memory Tips

Memory Tips

Would you like tips about enhancing your memory? The following are techniques you can use to boost your memory. This is not a magic drink or an illusive elixir. These are methods which if you use, they will help you organize the information you try to remember in a better way (better storage), and therefore it will also make it easy to remember that piece of information later (easy retrieval).

Tips to Boost your Memory

Each type of information that you need to memorize requieres a certain technique. For example remembering street names, cities, or a

  • Take notes: The simplest way to remember things is to take notes. Keep a pocketbook!
  • Memory workout: Use mnemonics to improve storage/retrieval of the information (list below).
  • Practice: By reharsing what you just learned, you will engrave it deeper into your memory.
  • Relate: Make associations between what you already know and what you have just memorized.
  • Focus: No concentration results in a poor "storage" and "retrieval" of information.
  • Diversify: Memorize using different techniques (visual, auditory, speaking ...)
  • Sleep well: A well rested mind remembers better than a tired or sleepy one.
  • Omega-3: Studies suggests that fish oil containing Oemga-3 helps the brain memorize better.
  • Relax: Memory will be better if we take the time needed to store and recall the information.
  • Brain map: Organizing and mapping the information to be memorized, makes storage easier.
  • Avoid stress: It kills brain cells and can affect your memory.
  • Drink water: Being hydrated is very helpful to maintaining your well being and brain funtions.
  • Avoid heavy drinking: Heavy drinking kills brain cell, and can increase dementia.

Memory Techniques

These are methods you can use to better memorize words, numbers, texts, or anything else.

  • Visual images: Think of a word or a name as if it was an image (especially vivid and colorful images). To memorize "Pad Thai" visualize it as a "padded pink tie".
  • Acronym: This technique uses the first letter of each word you want to remember. To perform CPR, just remember the "ABC". Airway, Breathing, Circulation .
  • Rhyming: Used to remember a series of words in a certain order. Planets of the solar system: My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nuts. (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune)
  • Chunking: Used mostly with numbers. Instead of remember the first 10 numbers of Pi as 3.1415926535, try 3.14 1592 6535.
  • Story telling: Stories are memorable because they contain vivid images, have connected elements, and evoke emotions. To memorize a number of words, connect them together as if they are part of a story. If you need to go to the store to buy: bananas, a phone, sunglasses, milk, and crackers. Think of a banana with sunglasses talking on the phone while eating crackers dipped in milk. You might think that this image cannot be true, but that's the point. You need to think of extraordinary stories for them to be memorized.
  • Repetition: Apply the "spaced repetition" concept: Repeat a word once a day, then once a week, then once a month to make sure it will be stored in your long-term memory.
  • Major System: Convert numbers into letters or vice-versa. Come up with a list of words for every number. Examples: 1= toe, 2= knee, 3= thigh, 4= waist, 5= stomach, 6= heart, 7= shoulders, 8= neck, 9= face, 0= hair.
  • Training: Practice the above techniques by playing our Memory Training game.
Memory Tips

Did you know:

  • Individuals with autism often have skills such as photographic memory, fantastic mathematical ability. Some individuals can draw entire landscapes from memory after seeing it just once (Stephen Wiltshire), or read and retain thousands of books (Kim Peek) or calculate large numbers (Daniel Tammet).
  • Chao Lu from China is the world record holder for memorizing 67890 digits of Pi in November 2005
  • Emerging research claims that a proficient working memory is a better determinate for individual intelligence than IQ score.

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