Reaction Test

Reaction Test

This game with test your reaction time, measuring how fast you responsd to certain stimuli. Before you start the test you can learn more about the process that your brain goes through when playing this game. Note that this whole process takes a fraction of a second to complete. Which shows how amazing and fascinating our brain is.

Reaction Test
  1. Your eyes see the color changes.
  2. It sends a signal through the sensory neurons.
  3. Your brain process it quickly and gives orders to click.
  4. The orders are carried out through the motor neurons.
  5. Your hand responds by clicking.

Reaction Game

  • How to play: Simply click "play now", wait for a red dot to change color, then click as fast as you can. You can try 5 times then you will see the average score based on your 5 tries.
  • Challenge: Can you have an average score equal to 0.18?
  • Challenge a friend to perform better than you!

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Reaction Test

Did you know?

Human reaction or "mental chronometry" is one of the core concepts of experimental and cognitive psychology. as well as cognitive psychophysiology and behavioral neuroscience. The human reaction is studied using the measurements of reaction time (RT), which is the elapsed time between the presentation of a sensory stimulus and the subsequent behavioral response. In many fields it is considered to be an index of speed of processing, indicating how fast the thinker can execute the mental operations needed by the task at hand. The behavioral response is typically a button press but can also be an eye movement, a vocal response, or other observable behaviors. You can also take our Reflex Test.

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